“Double Standards at RTÜK?” – Bianet

“After the Radio and Television Supreme Council’s critical statement on the Israeli attack of aid ships for Gaza, Abakay from the Contemporary Journalists Association expects a statement from RTÜK on violations of press freedom in Turkey.

“Good morning! On which mountain did Kurds die?” – this is how the President of the Contemporary Journalists Association (ÇGD), Ahmet Abakay, addressed the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) in reference to the council’s statement on the Israeli attack on the aid ships for Gaza on 31 May. RTÜK had condemned the “interference against the freedom to obtain information and the media’s freedom to publish news and opinions”.

In their announcement, RTÜK had said, “Israel did not only unlawfully murder innocent people but also committed media terrorism”. Abakay condemned the Israeli attack and commented RTÜK’s statement, “This is unbelievable, how did that come to their mind?”(…)”

Source : Bianet

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