“Turkish Television Dramas Breaking Taboos While Conveying Conservative Messages ” – Eurasianet.com

Risque by Turkish standards, the wardrobes and plot lines of soap operas like Ask-i Memnu ("Forbidden Love") have caused some conservatives to bemoan their popularity. But some cultural critics say the shows offer nothing but conservative values with a modern. Source : Eurasianet (Photo courtesy www.askimennu.tv)

“Homosexuality and sexual violence on prime time Turkish television: there is a lot of shocking stuff being broadcast in Turkey these days. And Turkish conservatives are horrified.

On September 16, about one-third of all Turkish television viewers tuned in to watch one of the country’s most popular young actresses being gang-raped in the first episode of a new drama series. A couple of days later, a television channel bought recently by a businessman close to the former Islamist government televised the first ever Turkish-made soap opera to show two men in bed together, naked.

Such scenes have caused outrage among traditionalists belonging to all shades of the political spectrum. (…)”

Source : Eurasianet.com


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