“Pushing Back the Boundaries of Good Taste. Taboos in Turkish Television” – The Majalla

Source : The Majalla

“Are Turkish series as taboo-breaking as the western media (and Turkish conservatives) make them out to be? As the content on Turkish television becomes increasingly liberalized, claims that these images are changing the status of women in the Arab world are growing. But liberals in Turkey are skeptical that television can have such an effect.

Homosexuality and sexual violence on prime time. Blockbuster soap operas telling convoluted stories of forbidden love. There is plenty of shocking content on Turkish television screens these days.

A month ago, a third of Turkish television viewers tuned in to watch one of the country’s most popular young actresses being gang-raped in the first episode of a new series.

A couple of days later a television channel—bought recently by a businessman close to the former Islamist government—broadcast the first ever Turkish-made soap opera to show two men in bed together, naked(…)”

Source : The Majalla


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Julien Paris (2011, 3 février). “Pushing Back the Boundaries of Good Taste. Taboos in Turkish Television” – The Majalla. « Devam edecek... ». Consulté le 25 février 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/njgt

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