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There are 12 parts in the publication: cultural heritages, archives, libraries, newspapers, periodicals and books, art galleries, theaters, operas and ballets, orchestra, choir, group, cinemas, cultural and scientific activities, participation in and time spent on cultural activities and religion. Published in the cultural heritage in museums, the current work, the museum and the ruins of public information such as number of visitors and receipts are included. Archives section, research related to open archives to statistics are available. Libraries section; National Library, university libraries, public libraries, formal and non-formal education institutions belonging to the library information is available. In the print media, newspapers and magazines, according to the number of broadcast area, circulation, such as the frequency of publication statistics are also included. Publications also, art galleries, theater, opera and ballet and cinema with the information to the cultural and scientific activities, and participation in cultural activities and religious issues of time allocated to the various statistics are included.
Data on the number of enterprises, employment and payments, number of hours worked by employees, total purchases of good services, turnover, production value, value-added at factor costs, change in stocks, fixed-capital investments and sales given by Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community. (NACE Rev.1.1) and Classification of Statistical Reginal Units (SRE).
This publication, broadcasting institutions data, economic activities, number of persons engaged, size of broadcasting, current expenditures, revenues of institution, type of programmes, broadcasting times of programme etc. related to institutions and values for variables such as production value and value added data are presented to use.
In this publication, there is information about participation level, participation frequency in cultural activities by sex and socio-economic characteristics, average time spent for cultural activities are given by main cultural activities. In addition, internet use, and entertainment activities which are closely related to cultural activities are given as separate parts in the publication.

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