Seminar “Studying the Arts in Society. New Developments in Research and Training”

Presentation :

“This workshop investigates the consequences of these developments and the opportunities they provide. It has three main aims: (1) to explore a variety of approaches, in research and teaching, of the functioning of the arts in society today; (2) to provide a platform for cross-pollination between the department of Arts, Culture and Media at the University of Groningen and participating departments of Istanbul universities regarding both research and education and (3) thus, to explore the basis for structural cooperation between our universities in research, education, staff exchange and student exchange.

The presentations will deal with the development of new and promising approaches within distinct fields of interest, namely (1) Art policy and management, (2) Art education, among others from a cognitive perspective, and (3) Ethical and ideological issues in both artworks and art criticism.
Murat Belge (Istanbul Bilgi University)
Selen Ansen (Istanbul Bilgi University)
Deniz Bayrakdar (Kadir Has University)
Melis Behlil (Kadir Has University)
Barend van Heusden (University of Groningen)
Quirijn van den Hoogen (University of Groningen)
Aylin Kalem (Istanbul Bilgi University)
Liesbeth Korthals Altes (University of Groningen)
Levent Soysal (Kadir Has University)
Deniz Ünsal (Istanbul Bilgi University)

Source :
Location: Netherlands Institute in Turkey
Tel: 0212 293 9283

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