“Record number of complaints filed against TV show” – Today’s Zaman

“Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (A Magnificent Century). Source: Today's Zaman

“A new TV series has drawn over 90 percent of the complaints Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) received since its trailers began to be aired.

RTÜK received 64,000 complaints in nine months last year while viewers filed 75,000 complaints in 25 days against the controversial TV show “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (A Magnificent Century), the Anatolia news agency reported.

The series about the famous Ottoman Sultan Süleiman the Magnificent, also known as Kanuni Sultan Süleyman (Süleiman the Lawmaker), continues to draw criticism for the way the series depicts the empire and the life of the sultan. The repeated scenes of the sultan with women in the harem and historical inaccuracies have resulted in many people calling on RTÜK to ban the series. Trailers for the series, broadcast by Show TV, began to be aired on Dec. 11. From that date until Jan. 6, 93 percent of all complaints filed with the RTÜK concerned “Muhteşem Yüzyıl.” A total of 80,681 complaints were submitted to the council during these 25 days. Among the sum of the complaints, 38,096 of them were submitted after the show was aired on Jan. 5.(…)”

Source : Today’s Zaman

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