“Media and the city workshop” – ECREA

Organisers’ description:

The MEDIA & THE CITY Temporary Working Group is happy to announce the organization of its first Workshop. The Workshop will take place on FEBRUARY 10, 2012, at the CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY of MILAN, ITALY.


Workshop overview

The first TWG Workshop will feature parallel sessions and a final plenary. During the parallel sessions, members will be able to share and discuss their research. The final plenary session will discuss the organizational aspects of the Group and delineate future activities. Parallel sessions will be open to all interested scholars, while the plenary will be open only for TWG members.


Selected papers (see website for full details):

Giorgia Aiello – The urban built environment as global(ist) communication: Concepts, methods, critique

Clemens Apprich – Rise and fall of the city metaphor to describe digital networks in the 1990s

Girogio Bacchiega – Peripheral views on Milan

Giovanni Caruso, Riccardo Fassone, Gabriele Ferri and Mauro Salvador – Check-in everywhere: Places, people, narrations, games

Mariana Ciancia and Walter Mattana – Imagine Milan: An audiovisual design thinking approach to the image of the city

Andrea Cuman – Hardcopy vs digital mobile travel guidebooks: A preliminary comparison on mediated spatial interactino and a case study

Amedeo Damato – Cities of blood and longing. The protagonist’s architectural projection in Hollywood cinema

Miriam De Rosa – Cinematic architectures IN SITU. Notes on the participatory construction of a visual urban imagery

Manuela Farinosi – New media and the city in an “out of ordinary” context: Exploring the motivations behind the citizen journalism production after a natural disaster

Gabriele Ferri and Patrick Coppock – Serious urban games. From play in the city to play for the city

Katalin Feher – Digital urban identities

Cezary Hunkiewicz – City as a medium: The space and street art activities

Angelo Imperiale – Avoiding urban marginality: How to build social sustainability?

Sami Kolamo – Branding urban spaces through football media spectacles

Peter Maroldt – New media and the Asian city

Gonca Noyan – Old bridge as a symbol of multiculturalism: Global discourse and local narratives in Mostar

Christian Oggolder – Losing centrality – urban spaces and the network society

Seja Ridell – The cybercity as a medium. Public living and agency in the digitally shaped urban space

Gabriella Sandstig – There is a light that never goes out – cultivation effects on the freedom of movement in urban and suburban public places

Barbara Scifo – The sense of place from mobile communicatino to locative media

Katia Segers, Joost Vaesen and Rudi Janssens – Opportunities and dangers of Brussels media for its Dutch-speaking minority. Research on audience use, expectations and appreciation

Satomi Sugyiama – The muted mobile in Tokyo

Moira Sweeney – Space and the geographical imagination on the Dublin Docklands

Robert Szwed – Researching media representations of the city. Preliminary remarks on how to measure representations of Lublin, Poland

Matteo Tarantino and Simone Tosoni – Convergent media and social production of space: An approach through controversies

Federica Timeto – In the middle of urban space: The case of critical city

Ferenc Zsélyi – Concrete dreamworks

Ferenc Zsélyi, István András and Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár – Global staging in a postindustrial city: Dunaújváros, the media platform of intercultural networking

Weiming Ye – Phoenix man and woman: Discussions on urban and rural gap in Chinese BBS forums

“Istanbul. City portrait” – Università Iuav di Venezia – 29/02/2012

Within the cycle of International Conferences ‘City Portraits’, organized by the School of Doctorate Studies, Università Iuav di Venezia, on February 29th – March 1st 2012 it will be held one about the city of Istanbul. The goal of the International Conference is to provide a wide range of point of view in order to investigate the current transformations of the city and to attempt a better understanding of its coming evolutions based on an interdisciplinary approach, which ranges from the urban planning, historical and contemporary architectural issues to arts, design and cultural policies. PhD candidates and young researcher (under 40 years old at the time the conference will be held), who have developed original studies or projects on specific case‐studies linked with one or more of the following three sessions, are invited to submit their contributions.

1. City & Architecture

Istanbul is one of the world’s largest city and one of the oldest. It has deep roots in its glorious past and it’s trying to look at to its future after the transformations in the 80’s along with the globalization process that picked up speed bringing with it deep change in the urban and architectural context. The goal of this session is to provide a critical point of view on the city of Istanbul through the following main issues:

‐ the role of Mimar Sinan and his works in shaping Istanbul;
‐ the tight relationship between foreign architects/urban planners and the transformations occurred in the city after the declaration of the Republic of Turkey in 1923;
‐ issues linked with the contemporary architecture debate considering that the city is still suffering because of a very quick development occurred in the last decades.

2. City & Society

During the 80s, Istanbul begins to reveal new regimes of regulation for these governments that created new financial sources, allowed the opening for a stock exchange market and creating a new metropolitan government, that transformed the city into a competitive global city region. New wealth engendered new social groups, while traditional wealthy groups (public sector professions like teachers, writers, bureaucrats and trade unionists) experienced an identity crisis and loss of public confidence. This new sense of ownership of new groups (symbolical and material) is today clearly mirrored by spatial polarization of poverty increasingly suburbanized (which its especially migrants), but even displayed by more soft and intangible forms of alienation and marginalization challenging the issue of citizenship. By exploring critically the image of the “globalizing Istanbul”, the session encourage papers that focus on a range of social practices in the city of Istanbul trough which citizenship is enacted “anew” and will consider implications of such enactments for understanding organization of local welfare, highlighting relational aspects of citizenship that lead to positive or negative consequences for civil society.

3. City & Culture

A great impulse for Istanbul’s growing role as a cultural, political and economic arena is due to its candidature as European Capital of Culture in 2010. In this respect, this session highlights the rapid development of the arts and design scene and the blossoming of museums and cultural institutions (such as galleries, libraries and archives) dedicated to contemporary arts, which are closely linked with a rethinking of the dynamics and interrelations with the urban environment and its citizens. Therefore, what are the connections between the cultural production of today and the so called creative industries (especially the design and film industries)? How is the city represented and questioned through visual arts (photography, new media, graphics design)? How is the image of the city communicated?

The curators
Teresita Scalco
Moira Valeri
Marco Vani

Info : istanbulcityportrait@gmail.com

Links :
Call for proposal
Università Iuav di Venezia website 

Call for papers, VI International PhD Seminar – Urbanism and Urbanization, 21/05/11

“Three main aspects can be identified today that define an “urban question” different from the past: first, the growing distance between the rich and the poor, second, the environmental risks, and third the mobility crises. The ‘question’ is and will be ‘urban’ because it is in the urban context that the largest part of the world population lives. It is in the context of the city that the question is most apparent and gains a sense of urgency.(…)”

“Short and ‘full papers’
The seminar invites full papers that present a coherent piece of research or dissertation chapter, as well as short papers that address methodology, research question or articulate a starting point for PhD research.
Full papers will be organized in thematic sessions. Short papers will be organized in thematic workshops.

Abstract guidelines
PhD candidates interested in presenting a paper should submit an abstract of maximum 1000 words by May 21st . The scientific committee, taking into account the interest of the themes proposed, will select the papers to be presented during the seminar by July 8th . Upon selection of the various contributions, we will invite respondents in function of the subject of the papers submitted. The selected papers will be submitted in a final version to the scientific committee and to each respondent before September 15th. (…)”

Call for papers launch:
21 March 2011

Deadline abstracts:
21 May 2011
Notification of acceptance:
8 July 2011
Full paper due:
15 September 2011

More infos :

Call for proposals: European Alliances for Mobile and Mobility Industries and Creative Industries

source Wikipedia Commons

“The present call for proposals aims at a more strategic support to service innovations, with the objective to unlock its transformative potential at sectoral and market level and to contribute to strengthening the innovativeness of the economy as part of the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The call for proposals has two actions:

  • Action 1: European Mobile and Mobility Industries Alliance (1/G/ENT/CIP/11/C/N01C031). This action aims at strengthening the role of innovative services in mobile and mobility industries to re-invigorate the competitiveness of the EU. Whereas mobile services can build upon key enabling technologies developed in Europe or elsewhere, innovative mobility concepts are urgently needed to better address societal challenges. Both aspects will be addressed by this action.
  • Action 2: European Creative Industries Alliance (2/G/ENT/CIP/11/C/N03C011). This action aims at strengthening the role of creative industries as a catalyst of innovation and structural change by promoting the more effective use of all different forms of knowledge and creativity for innovation throughout the economy and to support the emergence of new industries that combine knowledge and creativity with modern technologies, in particular ICT.
  • The two actions will complement regional and national efforts by adding a European dimension through mutual learning and concrete actions. Each action has 4 strands. The deadline for the submission of proposals to each of the strands of the two actions is 24/06/2011.”

    Source : Commission Européenne

    Voir aussi : Interarts

    5th Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum: Registration now open!

    The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and ENCATC have opened the call for registration for the 5th Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum which will take place on 11-12 October 2011 in Helsinki, Finland!
    Deadline for online applications: 30 May 2011!
    Aimed at providing young/early career cultural policy researchers with the opportunity to meet fellow researchers, share their experiences and analyse topical research issues regarding content and methodology, the YCPR Forum will bring together in Helsinki, on the 11-12 October 2011 researchers, students, academics and cultural policy experts in the cultural field drawn from a wide range of countries in Europe and beyond.
    Initiated in 2006 by ECF and managed since 2008 by ENCATC, this initiative offers a great occasion for young cultural researchers to expand their network and explore new cooperation opportunities as well as publishing possibilities.
    Set to take place at the prestigious Cable factory in Helsinki, Finland’s single largest cultural centre, the 5th edition of the Forum will bring together 40 selected researchers together with academics and experts on cultural policy from Europe and beyond.
    This unique initiative in Europe, organized this year in close partnership with CUPORE, the Finnish Foundation for Cultural Policy Research, aims to promote and stimulate transborder exchanges among young/early career cultural policy researchers and contribute on a long term basis to the development of a strong network of European researchers on cultural policy.
    As in previous years, the 2011 Forum will be part of the official programme of the 19th ENCATC Annual Conference and will close with the Cultural Policy Research Award Ceremony organized on the evening of October 12th in the prestigious premises of the Municipality of Helsinki in presence of outstanding policy makers, leading arts managers and cultural policy educators.
    The Forum is an initiative developed by the European Cultural Foundation, LabforCulture, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, and ENCATC, as part of a larger collaborative project involving the Cultural Policy Research Award (CPRA) and the Online Young Researchers Forum, a new online tool for emerging researchers involved in the cultural policy field.
    Young researchers interested in participating in the YCPR Forum must submit their application online beforeMay 30th, 2011.  Attendance to the YCPR Forum is free of charge.  Nine young promising researchers will receive a travel grant to attend the 5th YCPR Forum, chosen based on their research abstracts submitted.  Thesenine bursaries aim to contribute towards the travel and/or accommodation costs to attend the Forum in Helsinki.
    To download the practical information and the application form, click here:
    To visit the online space for cultural policy researchers click here: www.labforculture.org/cpresearchers
    For more information, please contactElizabeth Darley(projects@encatc.org – 0032.”

    Source :
    Tsveta Andreeva – 05 abr 2011

    “The naked city” – by Sharon Zukin

    Renowned sociologist Sharon Zukin will discuss her latest book, The Naked City: the death and life of authentic urban places, which explores the gentrification of cities.

    Sharon Zukin is Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College and City University Graduate Center and the author of Naked City : The Death and Life of Authentic Urban Places (2010).

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