“Students earn scholarships from TV soaps” – Hürriyet Daily News

Beykent University is a popular location for movie and TV producers for filming. The university is providing scholarships for students in need through the income they receive from movies, soaps and video clips.

The Ayazağa campus of Beykent University often looks more like a movie set than a university. Spotlights light the halls, cafeteria and sometimes even the classrooms of the university, while famous actors and actresses wait for the director to shout “action” while the students look on.

There are difficulties in shooting a film at an educational facility; sometimes a noisy student or background music halts the production. Because of this, action scenes are often left for nighttime. While the classrooms might be used for physics, chemistry, law or sociology during the day, they become the domain of production companies after hours.(…)

Source : Hürriyet Daily News

“Turkish Competition Board decides against AGB Nielsen probe” – Research-live

TURKEY— The Turkish Competition Board (RK) will not be investigating AGB Nielsen over allegations that the firm exploited its position as the country’s dominant TV ratings provider.

A preliminary investigation launched in September by RK found no evidence or documents to support allegations that “AGB Nielsen was exploiting its dominant position in ratings measurement by irregularities and false measurements”.(…)

Source : Research-live

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