“Prosecutor Investigates A TV Show For Defamation Of Atatürk” – Bianet

“Nuray Bezirgan, a Muslim woman, admits she does not like Atatürk in a TV program and the prosecutor starts an investigation.

Beyoğlu Prosecutor has started an investigation concerning the remarks Nuray Bezirganmade about Atatürk in the television program titled “Teke Tek.” The other participant wasKevser Çakır. Prosecutor construed the remarks as insulting Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic.” (…)

Source : http://bianet.org/english/religion/107620-prosecutor-investigates-a-tv-show-for-defamation-of-ataturk

“TV Series Promoting Hate Speech Blocked” – Bianet

A new TV series which promotes use of violence and promotes hate and racist sentiments was removed from broadcast following consistent complaints. This very series contributed to the nationalist ideological climate in the country says, Asst Prof. Celenk.

A controversial TV series, namely Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of Wolfs), has been removed from broadcast following disperse complaints by viewers to the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK).

The production company stopped its diffusion without a formal intervention from the Council but the incident brought a debate on programmes including hatespeech and violence and/or censorship.

Subtitled “Terror”, the new series’ content was to deal with the Kurdish insurgency and relations with Iraq.(…)

Source : Bianet

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