“Turkish weddings in demand by Arabs” – Sabah

Source : Sabah

“The Arabs’ love for Turkey, evident from the popularity of Turkey’s television series, has now spread to wedding planning. Turkey’s wedding planners are now seeing high demand by Arabs for Ottoman weddings.

These days Turkey seems to have been put on a pedestal by Arabs. Spanning from Turkish cinema to sports, arts to politics, the Arabs love of Turkey is currently on the rise. This adoration is also being reflected on the nation’s economy. Arab tourists are practically flowing to Turkey. With regressed exports to Europe, Turkey is now looking to increase exports to the Middle East. Meanwhile, Arabs are waiting in line to become homeowners in Turkey. It is this love of Turkey by Middle Easterners that is sending the nation on a whole new journey when it comes to exports. Now it seems, Turkey will be proving a whole new sort of exports in the form of wedding planning. Arabs, who are willing to dish out millions of dollars on wedding organizations that would place Istanbul in one of the top spots as most desirable wedding locations, are now demanding weddings of Ottoman grandeur in their own countries. SABAH speaks with a number of well-known wedding planning firms based in Istanbul. […]


The sector contributes to 20 different fields of business in Turkey.
Every year, approximately 650,000 couples get married.
195 million dollars are spent annually on bridal gowns alone.
The number of weddings increases by 20 percent every year.
There are 350 foreign weddings held in Turkey annually.


Eight billion dollars is spent on honeymoons.
Nineteen billion dollars are spent annually on wedding gifts.
The highest number of weddings are held in Las Vegas.
Wedding rings costing 1,100 dollars are preferred on average.”

Source : Sabah

“State pressure in Turkey leads unmarried TV couples to tie the knot ” – Hürriyet Daily news

Zeynep's frustration at not being able to convince Ozan to settle down had been a comedic source for the writers over the show’s previous 250 episodes. Source : Hürriyet

“Pressure from Turkish TV’s watchdog is forcing the writers of a popular TV show to have their lead characters, an unmarried couple, wed in the interests of promoting greater morality, daily Habertürk reported today.

Zeynep and Ozan, the couple in the popular “1 Erkek 1 Kadın” (One Man, One Woman), will be married in a wedding scene that is to be included in next week’s episode following pressure by the Turkish Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK).

The pair’s failure to tie the knot, due to Ozan’s reluctance to settle down, was one of the key dynamics to the show, which features a series of skits that follow the couple during their daily routines.

Zeynep’s frustration at not being able to convince Ozan to settle down had been a comedic source for the writers over the show’s previous 250 episodes.

RTÜK, however, has been criticizing the show for some time, accusing the writers of encouraging extramarital affairs. The cohabiting couple is often portrayed as sexually active.

The general director of the show, Müge Turalı, recently announced the screen wedding, but added that the original story, which was adapted for Turkish TV, made no clear mention of the characters’ official marital status.

“It is a format adaptable to the culture and social values of the host country,” Turali was quoted as saying. “In some countries they never got married. In others, like Lebanon, they were a married couple from the start.”

A similar plot fix has been made to the popular cop show “Behzat Ç.,” in which the lead actor, a maverick homicide detective, was finally hitched to his long-time girlfriend. “

Source : Hürriyet Daily News

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