“Macedonia bans Turkish soap operas” – Hürriyet Daily News

“Macedonia is currently passing a bill to restrict broadcasts of Turkish TV series during the day and at prime time in order to reduce the Turkish impact on Macedonian society, daily Habertürk has reported.

“Our own programs have started being broadcast after midnight because of Turkish soap operas. On every channel I see a Turkish soap opera like ‘Muhteşem Yüzyıl’ [The Magnificent Century], ‘Ezel,’ or ‘Binbir Gece’ [A Thousand and One Nights]. They’re all fascinating, but to stay under Turkish servitude for 500 years is enough,” Information and Society Minister Ivo Ivanovski said.

Turkish series will gradually be removed and replaced by national programs, according to the new bill.”

Source : Hürriyet Daily News

“Azerbaijan bans all foreign TV shows” – Hürriyet Daily News

“The broadcasting of all foreign TV shows has been banned in Azerbaijan as of today, in an effort to “support the domestic sector,” daily Milliyet reported.

The ban includes shows that have been dubbed in the Azerbaijani language. Turkish soap operas are included in the ban.

The head of Azerbaijan’s National Council of Televion and Radio, Nushirvan Meherremli, said the government is firm in its decision and will not back down from the ban.

A new legal regulation will first warn and then punish TV stations that broadcast foreign programming in violation of the ban. The punishment may be as severe as revoking a station’s broadcast license, the report said.

It is hoped that the ban will improve the domestic TV sector in Azerbaijan, Meherremli said.”

Source : Hürriyet

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