“Another TV rating scandal hits sector” – Hürriyet Daily News

Confidence in TV ratings sector is faltering as an another TV ratings agency has failed to keep identities of its respondents a secret, an investigation reveals. Souce : Hürriyet

“Turkey’s TV ratings sector is facing a new scandal as a fresh inspection reveals that TNS, the latest rating agency, may have failed to keep the names of its respondents a secret.

In December 2011, the Istanbul Üsküdar Prosecutor’s office launched a case against television rating agencies, finding that production companies had paid respondents to vote in favor of the television programs of their choice. The police raided AGB and several other production companies at the time, and the Turkish Television Viewing Research Committee (TİAK) ended its contract with AGB, to sign a new contract with TNS.

TNS received a list of 100,000 respondents from the Turkish Statistical Institute and outsourced the actual survey distribution to five different intermediary companies. TİAK then chose Marmara University to oversee that the respondent pool was chosen in a healthy fashion.

However, in its March-April report, Marmara University found that the respondents were not chosen in the appropriate fashion and that some respondents either did not complete or inaccurately answered the survey questions, or that their addresses did not match their profiles. The university also found that the surveys could have been leaked after being completed, and were not destroyed as required to protect confidentiality.”

Sourc : Hürriyet Daily News

“TRT likely to fill eight-month gap for ratings measurements ” – Today’s Zaman

” President of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) İbrahim Şahin has said the TRT is likely to measure TV ratings for eight months until rating-measurement company Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) has established its own system.

The Television Audience Research Committee (TİAK) earlier announced that it is severing its agreement with the rating-measurement company AGB Nielsen in a move that has plunged the future of television ratings in Turkey into uncertainty. In a recent rating-fraud scandal, which has shaken the Turkish television world, TİAK terminated its contract with AGB, an international company that measures over 40 percent of the world’s TV viewing behavior, following a revelation that the company had leaked a confidential list that included details of families who had been bribed to manipulate TV ratings.

In an interview with Today’s Zaman, Şahin said the TRT authorities will convene with TİAK President Hidayet Karaca next week. It is likely that the TRT will be given the task of measuring ratings as a result of the meeting because there is no immediate solution as to who will measure the ratings at the moment. TİAK has an existing contract with TNS to begin working in September 2012 and the company is not expected to take over the task sooner.

Not measuring ratings during eight months portends financial damage for both companies that advertise and broadcasters as well, Şahin said. While stating that the TRT was offered the job, Şahin continued: “They [TİAK] can get through this eight-month period, which if it wasn’t for TRT they wouldn’t receive any data regarding TV ratings in this time. They are most likely to decide on such a solution. Otherwise how can companies that want to advertise make decisions?” Şahin said rating measurements might be conducted through rating measurement company SBT Analiz, which the TRT works in cooperation with.

Şahin said the TRT has been a member of TİAK since the committee was granted status of a legal entity, yet the TRT has put a special condition on their agreement to pave the way for getting their own ratings measured. “But we want this job to be maintained by one body. This can be done. Two companies [rating-measurement companies] can be managed with one hand. That also ensures a crosscheck. Then we can have a reliable measurement. This system is not common in the world but there are places who apply it,” he added.”

Source : Today’s Zaman

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