“TRT mirrors history of Turkey’s broadcasting at a new museum” – Hürriyet Daily News

AA Photo. Source : Hürriyet

“A newly opened museum in Ankara reveals the history of Turkish broadcasting. The facility, opened by state-owned television TRT, displays all materials relating to broadcasting from Turkey’s past, and functions as a repository of the country’s heritage

Turkey’s state-owned television TRT is displaying its long sojourn in broadcasting for the first time with a new museum in Ankara.

The Museum of Broadcasting History TRT in the country’s capital displays old microphones, current virtual studios, outfits from the past, cars driven by the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, as well as many materials used in radio programs and television series.

The museum, which was made possible by the labor of more than 200 workers and four years of work, was recently opened with a visit by President Abdullah Gül.

Through documents that have acquired great pertinence throughout Turkey’s history, the museum depicts the transition from radio to television in a step-by-step fashion.

The entrance welcomes visitors with film-mounting machines, the microphone through which Atatürk made his 10th-anniverary speech (10. Yıl Nutku), hand-made voice recording machines, as well as posters. In the same area, which takes visitors on a journey through history, visitors can also watch programs from previous years on monitors. […]

The museum is also home to a drama studio, a television studio, television exhibit hall, animation section, education hall and a corner for children. The lower floor of the museum displays more than 50,000 dresses and accessories worn by the leading stars of actors and actresses of historical productions such as “Yaprak Dökümü” (The Fall of Leaves), “Aşk-ı Memnu” (Forbidden Love). […]

 Source : Hürriyet

“TRT Turk Selects SES to Reach Audiences in Sub-Saharan Africa” – Hürriyet Daily News

“SES, a world-leading satellite operator, announced today that Turkish public broadcaster, Türkiye Radyo ve Televizyon Kurumu (TRT), has selected SES to reach audiences in sub-Saharan Africa. TRT will use capacity on SES-5 located at 5 degrees East to broadcast its free-to-air digital channel TRT Turk and its radio channel Turkiyenin Sesi Radyosu (TRS) to the region using the satellite’s unique Ka-band uplink capabilities, allowing for flexible operations between Europe and Africa.

With a line-up of almost 500 TV channels and access to nearly 25 million homes across Europe and Africa, SES’ 5 degrees East orbital position provides growth opportunities for broadcasters and offers a wider choice of TV programmes for viewers. SES-5 was launched in July 2012 and complements SES’ successful ASTRA 4A satellite at this orbital position providing additional and extended coverage over South Africa, North Africa, Europe and the Atlantic Ocean.

Norbert Hölzle, Senior Vice President Commercial Europe of SES, said: “We are happy to extend our partnership with TRT Turk and look forward to broadcasting the Turkish channel to new audiences in sub-Saharan Africa where demand for digital TV content is constantly growing. Satellite is the most ideal form of infrastructure to broadcast TV content to a wide audience across large geographical regions.”

Ibrahim Sahin, General Manager of TRT, said: “We rely on SES’ expertise and global satellite fleet to reach important audiences and markets outside of Turkey. We already rely on SES’ prime orbital position 19.2 degrees East to reach our audiences in Western Europe. The use of SES-5 will give us immediate access to sub-Saharan Africa and provide our target audience with premium news, culture and entertainment programs made in Turkey.”

Source : Hürriyet Daily News


“Ali Ağaoğlu ‘Leyla ile Mecnun’un konuğu oldu” – Sol

Source : Sol

“TRT 1’de yayınlanan “Leyla ile Mecnun” adlı dizinin dünkü bölümünde Ali Ağaoğlu “ti” alındı.

Ali Ağaoğlu’nun at sırtındaki Maslak 1453 reklamı ve ağaç kıyımını merkeze alan “Leyla ile Mecnun” dünkü bölümüyle büyük ilgi çekti.”

Source : Sol

“‘It’s not real,’ scholars tell critics of historical dramas” – Hürriyet Daily News

Historical dramas, such as ‘Muhteşem Yüzyıl’ (The Magnificent Century), are fictionalized accounts of the lives of sultans rather than historically accurate documentaries, according to academics.
. Source : Hürriyet

“Academics gather to discuss the increasing popularity of historical TV series in Turkey, noting the distinction between fact and fiction is often misunderstood by audiences. “The fictional side needs much more work because no one knows how a sultan approaches his wife,’ says an academic.

It is important for television viewers to understand that historical dramas, such as the wildly popular “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (The Magnificent Century), are fictionalized accounts of the lives of sultans rather than historically accurate documentaries, according to academics.

“Turkish people confuse the idea of TV series and documentary. A TV series is a different thing than a documentary,” said Erhan Afyoncu, a professor on the board of the Atatürk High Institute of Culture, Language and History, as well as a former consultant for “The Magnificent Century.”

Fictional side

Some have issued criticisms of historical series, Afyoncu said during a recent symposium in the northern province of Tokat, but added that it was difficult to produce such series.

“Historic TV series have a reality side as well as a fictional side,” the former consultant said. “The fictional side needs much more work. You have to create a fiction. You know the political events from history and you stick to this reality when making a TV series. But no one knows how a sultan approached his wife or how he behaved in daily life. This is why you have to fictionalize it. We did it in ‘Magnificent Century.’ There were discussions about sending Süleyman the Magnificent on journeys in the TV series. But I added these journey scenes to the series. But it is interesting that the series had lower ratings in these episodes.”

Afyoncu said state-owned television channel Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) had made historic TV series but that they had not attracted much public interest.

“TRT made TV series without women and their intrigues. People criticize other TV series but do not watch these ones. This is what I don’t understand,” Afyoncu said.

Secrecy of privacy

Fictionalization is occasionally necessary when there is a dearth of historical documents, said Professor Ali Açıkel, another symposium participant and a historian at Gaziosmanpaşa University, but added that these dramatizations should not contradict historical facts, general customs, traditions and law.

Scenarios set in historical times should not be infused with the perceptions of the present, Açıkel said, adding that ethical values should also be reflected in perceptions.

“The secrecy of private life should be respected. Otherwise, it is disrespectful to the private life of the Ottoman sultans. TV series are based on fiction when documents and information is insufficient. Documentaries aim to inform people according to a chronological order. There is no fiction in documentaries but some parts of TV series are fictional.”

Source : Hürriyet Daily News


“Kirli Oyunlar: TRT’den ‘yeni Osmanlı’ dizisi” – Sol

Source : Sol

“TRT, V. Murat döneminin konu edildiği “Kirli Oyunlar” başlıklı yeni bir dizinin yayınına başlanılacağını duyurdu. Ramazanda başlayacak “yeni Osmanlı” dizisinde darbeci paşalardan, masonlara ne ararsanız var.

TRT, ramazanda Kirli Oyunlar adlı yeni bir dizinin yayınına başlanacağını duyurdu. V. Murat dönemini anlatacağı açıklanan “yeni Osmanlı” dizisinin ilk bölümünün fragmanı yayınlandı.

Dizinin tanıtımının yapıldığı www.kirlioyunlar.org adlı internet sitesinde “yeni Osmanlı” dizisi hakkında şu bilgiler veriliyor (anlatım bozuklukları sitede yer alan tanıtım yazısının orijinalinden kaynaklanmaktadır):

Kirli oyunlar dizisi Osmanlı imparatorluğunun son zamanlarındaki hesaplaşmaları anlatıyor. Dizimizde 5. Murat devri konu alınıyor. 5. Murat’ın en çok konuşulan olayları ele alınıyor. Masonluk sahnesi, aklını yitirme noktasına gelişi, cuntanın Abdülaziz Sultanı öldürmeleri ve bunların en önemlisi olan Yıldız Mahkemeleri’nin başlıca anlatılacağı konular arasında olduğu gelen bilgiler arasında. Daha fazlası için bizden ayrılmayın.” […]

Source : Sol

“Turkish drama makes for MENA” – C21 Media

NATPE: Buyers from the Middle East have been shopping for historical drama programming from Turkey’s national public broadcaster TRT.

UAE-based Dubai Media Corporation (DMC) has picked up rights to Once Upon a Time: Ottoman Empire Mutiny for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), following a deal with TRT Sales.

The 13×90′ series, produced by Hersey Film, aired to high ratings this year and TRT1 has already ordered a second season. DMC operates Dubai TV, which airs across MENA via satellite and other platforms.

Another UAE-based regional broadcaster, MBC, has also taken a TRT drama, 2011′s Ahmet the Cook’s Aide (20×35′). This show is also set in the Ottoman era and was produced for TRT by Okur Film.

Speaking to C21 at Natpe Budapest, Meltem Tumturk Akyol, head of international sales at TRT, said the two shows would start airing across MENA from next month. The deals mark the first international sales for both series.

TRT is riding a wave of interest in Turkish drama in MENA and Central and Eastern Europe. That trend started after Kanal D drama Ezel became a major hit on another Middle Eastern channel, Abu Dhabi TV, in 2010.

Source : C21 Media

“Turkish TV series gather at Istanbul fair” – Hürriyet Daily News

“The Turkish and regional television industry has gathered at the DISCOP Istanbul Television Broadcasting Fair, which kicked off Feb. 28.

The fair, taking place at Istanbul’s Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel, includes participants from 32 countries in the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa that together boast more than 500 million viewers.

The first conference of the fair, which took place Feb. 28, was moderated by Nick Holdsworth, Variety Magazine’s East Europe and Middle Asia chief. The conference focused on the Silk Road and Middle Asia. The second conference will focus on a “Renaissance in Arab content,” discussing how Arab content can be successful abroad.

KanalD, the Samanyolu Broadcasting Group, Show TV, Turkish Radio & TV Corporation (TRT), WWE Turkey, ATV Broadcasting, Digiturk, Calinos Entertainment and ITV – Inter Medya are all presenting their series at the fair. The fair provides a platform for Global Agency, which has distributed series such as “İffet,” “Behzat Ç.,” “Kalbim 4 Mevsim” and “Firar” from Turkey’s private Star TV channel.

Global Agency, whose goal is to distribute the most watched series around the world, has sold “Muhteşem Yüzyıl” (The Magnificent Century) to 40 countries and is among the five fastest growing distribution companies in the world.

The fair is gathering 120 international content providers in Istanbul for presentations and discussions on TV formats, program packages, movie portfolios and more. Global Agency has been attending television broadcasting fairs around the world for the past eight years. The company will also present movie projects such as “Love in a different language” and “1,001 Nights” to international companies in addition to various competition formats.”

Source : Hürriyet Daily News

“First-ever Kurdish TV series ‘Siya Mem-u Zin’ receives accolades” – Sabah

Source : Sabah

“Once a prohibited poet, Ahmed-i Hani’s poetic work Mem-u Zin was first translated as a book from Kurdish into Turkish and then later was adapted for the screen by TRT 6.

Held at the Rixos Hotel, last night’s premiere gala for “Siya Mem-u Zin”, which translates to ‘In the Shadow of Mem-u Zin’, brought out high level members of the state. Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç, Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek, Minister of Defense İsmet Yılmaz and Minister of Food, Agriculture and Husbandry Mehdi Eker all gave a thumbs up to Turkey’s first television program shot and broadcast in Kurdish. During his address at the gala, Minister Eker started off speaking in Kurdish and later switched into Turkish.

Eker explained that Ahmed-i Hani holds a very special place in his life and stated, “For a while, Mem-u Zin would be told along with a series of secretly hidden legends. There were even times when if someone was caught with a copy of the tale, they would be forced to endure torture. The point we have reached now is an extremely important development.”

Deputy Prime Minister Arınç states, “We will break free from this terrorism curse, which we all complain of, by getting to know each other better and by holding one another in high esteem.”

Adapted from the famous work by Ahmed-i Hani, which was completed in 1964, “Siya Mem-u Zin” is produced by Aytekin Mert and directed by Yusuf Güven. The series stars Cem Kurtoğlu, Süleyman Karadağ, Bilal Yörük and Yaprak Durmaz.”

Source : Sabah

“Previous ratings-fraud probes were covered up ” – Today’s Zaman

The police raided the offices of several production and ratings-measurement companies and detained five people in a ratings-fraud probe on Nov. 14. (Photo: AA, source : Today's Zaman)

“A recent probe into allegations that some TV producers bribed viewers to manipulate TV ratings — after a confidential list that included details about families given devices to measure ratings was leaked — has shown that previous allegations regarding ratings fraud were neglected by the Kadıköy Public Prosecutor’s office.

The investigation into ratings fraud that is being conducted by Akif Özgün, the Üsküdar public prosecutor, has revealed some details about former allegations of ratings fraud that have been neglected by the Kadıköy Public Prosecutor’s Office. According to this, an investigation was launched in 2009 by the office into allegations put forward by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) against Craig Johnson, the general manager of AGB Nielsen Media Research (Turkey), which measures TV ratings; AGB inspector Uğur Çağlı; and the Television Audience Research Committee (TİAK) Chairman Ömer Hıfzı Kayalıoğlu, accusing them of leaking lists that included the identities and addresses of people whose homes have People Meters, or special boxes hooked up to televisions for ratings measurements.

Kadıköy public prosecutor Ömer Faruk Alpaslan dismissed the investigation, after which TRT appealed this decision at the Kadıköy 4th Criminal Court of First Instance, which overturned the prosecution’s dismissal of the case, and a case was filed. The indictment of the case stated that “it was revealed that the suspects, by leaking the names and addresses of families whose homes have people meters to some individuals and organizations, have revealed commercial secrets,” but the three suspects were acquitted by the court on March 8, 2011.

Apart from the case in Kadıköy, there was another investigation into similar allegations by the İzmir Public Prosecutor’s Office that was launched in 2009. Producer Selçuk Çobanoğlu was accused of having a list of people who have people meters in their homes, and it was claimed that he took this list from AGB Production Director Hilmi Berköz. Çobanoğlu testified to the prosecution about these claims. It was also revealed that the İzmir public prosecutor also interrogated some families with People Meters, and the families said in the interrogations that Çobanoğlu called them and offered them money in order to watch certain TV programs. Completing all questioning, the İzmir public prosecution transferred the case file to the Kadıköy Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2010. The Kadıköy prosecutor at that time, Mufit Büyükçolpan, declared he would proceed no further with the investigation. Although the decision was appealed, no case has been filed on this investigation by the Kadıköy Public Prosecutor’s Office.

These two investigations into allegations of ratings fraud that were neglected by the same prosecutor’s office have aroused suspicions about whether the judicial process was manipulated by certain individuals.

The İstanbul Police Department’s Organized Crime Bureau on Dec. 14, 2011, raided the offices of several production and ratings-measurement companies and detained three people over claims that they were involved in ratings fraud.

Offices of the AGB Nielsen company, the www.uçankuş.com, Ay Yapım (Productions), Med Yapım and Tims Yapım and the houses of company owners were raided by police officers from the Organized Crime Bureau over claims alleging that lists with the names of families whose homes have People Meters leaked to several television stations.

Police seized dozens of hard disks, five mobile phones and many digital documents during the searches. Allegations of ratings fraud were frequently raised by TRT beginning in 2008.

Last year, the corporation announced that its channels would no longer be included in audience measurements provided by AGB Nielsen Media Research, which has been conducting TV audience research in Turkey since 1989.”

Source : Bürşa Erdal, Today’s Zaman

“TRT likely to fill eight-month gap for ratings measurements ” – Today’s Zaman

” President of the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) İbrahim Şahin has said the TRT is likely to measure TV ratings for eight months until rating-measurement company Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) has established its own system.

The Television Audience Research Committee (TİAK) earlier announced that it is severing its agreement with the rating-measurement company AGB Nielsen in a move that has plunged the future of television ratings in Turkey into uncertainty. In a recent rating-fraud scandal, which has shaken the Turkish television world, TİAK terminated its contract with AGB, an international company that measures over 40 percent of the world’s TV viewing behavior, following a revelation that the company had leaked a confidential list that included details of families who had been bribed to manipulate TV ratings.

In an interview with Today’s Zaman, Şahin said the TRT authorities will convene with TİAK President Hidayet Karaca next week. It is likely that the TRT will be given the task of measuring ratings as a result of the meeting because there is no immediate solution as to who will measure the ratings at the moment. TİAK has an existing contract with TNS to begin working in September 2012 and the company is not expected to take over the task sooner.

Not measuring ratings during eight months portends financial damage for both companies that advertise and broadcasters as well, Şahin said. While stating that the TRT was offered the job, Şahin continued: “They [TİAK] can get through this eight-month period, which if it wasn’t for TRT they wouldn’t receive any data regarding TV ratings in this time. They are most likely to decide on such a solution. Otherwise how can companies that want to advertise make decisions?” Şahin said rating measurements might be conducted through rating measurement company SBT Analiz, which the TRT works in cooperation with.

Şahin said the TRT has been a member of TİAK since the committee was granted status of a legal entity, yet the TRT has put a special condition on their agreement to pave the way for getting their own ratings measured. “But we want this job to be maintained by one body. This can be done. Two companies [rating-measurement companies] can be managed with one hand. That also ensures a crosscheck. Then we can have a reliable measurement. This system is not common in the world but there are places who apply it,” he added.”

Source : Today’s Zaman

“BDP, Kürt karşıtı 4 diziyi şikayet etti” – Sol

Kurtlar Vadisi. Kaynak : Sol

“BDP lideri Selahattin Demirtaş, aralarında 4 televizyon dizisini Kürt karşıtlığı yapmakla suçlayarak sözkonusu diziler hakkında RTÜK’e şikayette bulundu.

BDP Genel Başkanı Selahattin Demirtaş, TRT’de yayınlanan “Sakarya Fırat” dizisinin yanısıra, Fethullahçı Samanyolu TV’de gösterilen “Ölümsüz Kahramanlar”, “Tek Türkiye” ile Show TV’de gösterilen “Kurtlar Vadisi” dizilerinin “kardeşlik kültürüne zarar verdiğini” belirtti.

BDP lideri Selatttin Demirtaş, bu yapımlarda gerçek dışı anlatım ve düşmanlığa teşvik olduğunu vurguladı.

4 diziyi Radyo Televizyon Üst Kurulu’na (RTÜK) şikayet eden Demirtaş, kendisi gibi şikayetçi vatandaşların RTÜK’e başvurmasını istedi. Demirtaş, bu dizileri seyredenlerin karşılarına çıkan ilk Kürt kökenli vatandaşa saldırabileceği tehlikesine de dikkat çekti.”

Source : Sol

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